Maat is a modular geometric stencil display font that includes a number of modular pattern characters, and can be used to create designs that echo early Modernism by merely applying letters, patterns and color.

Maat is a loose interpretation of a hand lettered alphabet by the late Dutch designer Jurrian Schrofer called Sans Serious which was included in Wim Crouwel’s publication Letters of Maat. It is inflected with a bit of influence from British designer Ken Garland’s similar lettering form the cover of his textbook, The Graphics Handbook. Maat derives its name from the title of Couwel’s booklet.

I was inspired by Garland’s modular lettering a decade ago and took up the task of digitizing it, though never released it commercially. A designer in New York was coincidentally doing something very similar, and we talked of collaborating to release a version designed by the both of us. After a decade of waiting, I stumbled across Schrofer’s alphabet in an old publication by Wim Crouwel in one of my favorite bookshops in Tokyo last week, and it inspired me to take the project up again, though with more influence from Schrofer’s alphabet than Garland’s work.

Maat is available now from Wordshape.