Kirimomi Swash

A pair of typefaces rooted in both classical form and the sharp edges of photoype lettering. The typefaces look back to the historic forms of French typefounder Jean Jannon for their base, as well as the curved terminals and weighty serifs of the work of William Caslon. The various interpretations of their work throughout history have been applied to give each letterform presence, stability and rigidity. Sharp phototype swashes were culled from the logo for Emperor, a line of golf shoes released by Onitsuka Tiger thirty-plus years ago have been applied to give the face a timeliness of the Modern/Postmodern era, offsetting the historical skeletal frame.

Kirimomi Swash Italic is first and foremost a display/complement face, and in order for it to function gracefully, a number of ligatures and alternate characters have been included. It is intentionally not designed for text setting, as that would require a smoothing-out of the most prominent elements, and the result would most likely be a typeface that while potentially being useful, would not stand out in a crowd.

In 2012, a serif upright version was designed to match the Italic. Kirimomi Swash Regular draws upon the same history.

A number of pattern-making glyphs have been drawn and included in lieu of traditional typographic ornament within each of these fonts. Contemporary font technology allows the deployment of pattern elements in a regulated environment, allowing designers to control the amount of space in side bearings. When typeset and leading/line-height is adjusted, one can create smooth, even patterns, choose coloring and adjust scale quickly without having to resort to external files.

Available from MyFonts.

The Kirimomi font project is a set of fonts sponsored by Onitsuka Tiger. Read all about it here on the Onitsuka Tiger website.