A lot of stuff is in the works. I just finished a modular typeface for a Loganproject for the WB TV show oeSteve HarveyOEs Big Time.” The typeface will debut in the portfolio section soon, along with the Dieselfx typeface. 
I finished the identity redesign for Colleen’s Cafe while in Portland a few weeks ago. The signage is in place, the cards will be at the printers shortly, the menus are already printed, and jpegs will be in here soon, as well. 
We are in the midst of making seven webfilms for NEC at 86 the onions, as well as doing some work for Simple shoes, Sobe, FuelTV, and a number of others. 
I just finished up so me tee shirt designs for M Publications there, as well. 
Check out 86’s fantastic photo editorial on the manufacturing process of the pencil in the newest issue of Big Magazine. 
Also up and running from 86: Project Hello.